Ladbrokes aquisition and retention campaign


The brief was to develop a retention and acquisition direct mail campaign. We leveraged the excitement around major sporting events to create a series of discreet mail packs that advertised matched bets. The premier league campaign below generated a 30% response.

Ladbrokes Premier League mailer generated a 30% response.

The Cheltenham Festival campaign below generated a response of 28%. This is just one of a long series of very successful direct mail campaigns advertising to lapsed and existing customers.

Ladbrokes Cheltenham Festival mailer generated a response of 28%.

We also developed an Affiliates campaign using a series of tongue-in-cheek lavatory posters which went viral (visitors to the event photographed and posted them on affiliate social media sites). Each poster advertised the main benefit - the opportunity to make big money from being with the UK's biggest gaming brand. The advertising was perfect for the predominantly male gaming affiliate.

 Ladbrokes advertising campaign targeting affiliates (in lavatories) at a popular gaming event.