NHS Innovations

The brief was to increase awareness of NHS Innovations amongst surgeons, doctors and nurses within the NHS. We created posters for hospital notice boards (below), emails and banners which offered staff support and funding to patent their ideas and inventions. The advertising campaign was a success with 20 innovations patented in just 12 months.

This poster (above) successfully targetted NHS staff via noticeboards within UK hospitals.

Just like the poster, the email (above) delivered the benefits quickly to a very busy audience.

BUPA Dental
The brief was to persuade NHS dentists to join BUPA Dental. We created an advertising campaign that focused on the strong benefits of membership (below). This included not having to rush patients to make a living and being paid when they take a break. The press advertising was a success, generating a huge response and increase in membership.

Targeting dentists, these press ads neatly demonstrate the benefits of BUPA Dental Cover.

Scottish Sports Council
The brief was to develop an advertising campaign to dissuade men in gyms from taking steroids. We created a powerful poster that highlighted a particularly unpleasant male side effect many potential drug users were unaware of. The poster created quite an impact and was featured in news articles and related publications.