Bensons for Beds

The brief was to create a retail brand that people would trust and feel warmth towards. After all, buying a bed is a very private and personal purchase. With this in mind, humour helped to deliver the various advertising messages and to ensure plenty of warmth and engagement.

Click to watch - they regulary made the top twenty most recalled TV ads of the week.

The Bensons for Beds viral (right) is one of the web's favourite films. It quickly became a phenomenon as Ashton Kutcher tweeted it to over eight million followers.

TV stations (including the BBC, SKY, ITV, ABC, CNN) and newspapers around the world reported it - with Blue Peter even creating their own version of the Bensons for Beds viral. The impact was felt in-store too as the goodwill that the viral generated turned into plenty of extra sales.

The in-store advertising campaign (below) took on a more serious tone as prospects are in a slightly different mindset in this environment (they're about to part with their money!). The posters are designed to instill confidence by demonstrating Bensons for Beds' knowledge and insight through 'sleep facts'.


The Bensons for Beds iPhone app (above) brings the 'sleep experts' positioning to life by helping the user find their perfect bed through a series of relevant questions. While topical advertising (left) complemented the retail press advertising and helped keep the brand top of people's minds.